Download LG Nexus 4 USB Driver For Windows

Get started to modify the LG nexus 4? Setting up Nexus 4 USB Drivers works on Windows in the first step before you start rooting and use the ADB or fastboot feature to communicate with Nexus 4 with your PC. The easiest way to install the ABD or fastboot driver for Google device is to install the Android SDK. Android SDk 4.2 is out and available for download now but it is too bulky and big size for download. Big thanks to Stryder5 from Xda who has extracted the only necessary drivers from the android SDK and make the installation process become easier and faster.


1. LG Nexus 4 Android ADB and fastboot driver for Windows (usb_driver.rar , 8.78MB) - Development page


1. Download LG Nexus 4 driver above and extract it to a folder.

2. You should see usb_driver folder with NONE exe installation file.

3. Goto Nexus 4 and enable USB debugging on your device. How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Device.

4. Connect Nexus 4 to Windows with micro USB cable.

5. Windows is prompted to install USB driver for Nexus 4.

6. Press on the notification prompt and select manual install driver.

7. Locate the downloaded and extracted usb_driver folder to proceed USB driver installation manually.

8. Disconnect Nexus 4 from Windows.

9. Disable USB debugging mode on device.

10. Reconnect Nexus 4 to Windows to proceed driver installation again.

11. You are done and you should have USb and ABD/Fasboot driver on your PC.