How To Use Fastboot To Flash ROM, Kernel, Recovery and Img Files

Fastboot is a tool to help you flash custom ROM, kernel, custom recovery,*img files which included within the Android SDK package. Fastboot is a must-have tool in order to initial file flashing into your android smartphone devices. In order to use fastboot, your smartphone devices need to be booted into bootloader/download mode/fastboot mode.

How To Flash Img via Fastboot

  1. Before start to use fastboot, we have to install Android SDK with ADB and fastboot driver being installed in Windows. We have prepared a separate tutorial to guide you how to setup ADB & Fastboot Driver With Android SDK.
  2. Once you complete the setup, copy adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll from C:\\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools and fastboot.exe in C:\\android-sdk-windows\tools to C:\Fastboot.image_thumb2
  3. After steps above are completed, copy your downloaded ROM, kernel, recovery, *img, *zip file into the same folder C:\Fastboot
  4. Open a Command Prompt (Windows logo–>type CMD in search box and enter)
  5. Type cd C:\fastbootCapture_thumb1
  6. Power off your device and boot to bootloader/download mode/fastboot mode (Different devices have different key combination to boot into bootloader)
  7. Connect your devices to PC with usb cable.
  8. Type the necessary command to perform the task.
  9. For example, type in command below and press enter.
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
  10. Check out all the command can be performed with fastboot.


We hope you enjoy the tutorial above. You should have more understanding on Fastboot now. Do test it yourself with some simple command like restart the device. Enjoy and good luck.