How To Boot Into Recovery Mode Easily (All Android Devices)

How To Boot Into Recovery Mode Easily-3If you are beginner to android and started to familiarize on android platform and operation, I wonder you should familiar on recovery mode (stock and custom recovery) on your android devices. Both mode are very helpful for you to install or flash the needed zip files, perform backup or restore, and more customization work on your devices. All devices come with different buttons combination in order to boot into recovery, we would like to share you the easiest way to boot into Recovery mode without memorizing all the buttons combination.

There are few easy ways to help you boot into custom recovery mode. However, the very first step is to have your devices rooted and with custom recovery installed in your devices. Below all steps mostly applicable to most of the devices as well as different android OS version.

In order to boot into recovery mode, you can

1. Use android app like ROM Manager. Download and install ROM Manager –> Run ROM Manager –> Reboot into Recovery. How To Boot Into Recovery Mode Easily

2. Use Custom ROM quick reboot key. Most of the custom ROM has reboot to recovery function. Press the power button and the power menu will appear, select Recovery.

How To Boot Into Recovery Mode Easily-2 How To Boot Into Recovery Mode Easily-1

3. Memorize the buttons combination and boot manually. For example, Press Volume Up + Power + Home Button to boot to recovery mode for Samsung Galaxy S3. This method use when device is power off.

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