How to Enable Nexus 4 LTE Support

Nexus 4 only drawback for many people is that it may not support LTE, but dismantling Nexus 4 reveals the existence of a 4G LTE chip within. The problem now is how to activate it. Now, a Canadian user found a way to activate Nexus 4 LTE. However, his way of activation may not works for others countries with different baseband. Nexus 4 LTE only supports 1700MHz and 2100MHz baseband while US AT&T and Verizon using different baseband.

How to Enable Nexus 4 LTE Support:

1. Go to dialer on your Nexus 4.

2. Dial the following code:


3. In set preferred network type, change the selection to “LTE/GSM/CDMA auto (PRL)

That’s all, you can now enjoy the faster speed utilizing hidden LTE functions in Nexus 4.

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