How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an awesome gadget, as if it can do anything with the 5.5inch vivid Super AMOLED Plus screen. However, it could become laggy and sluggish one day if too many junk and unwanted applications installed inside it. Performance and device response will getting slower and slower. Then it is time for you to make a factory reset for your lovely device. Factory reset helps to bring life back to Galaxy Note 2 to original factory settings and clean up all the junks.

We always advise you to make factory reset before you start using your brand new device. This is to avoid any hijack or malware being installed in your “brand new” devices. We have prepare a complete guides for you to clean up and reset your Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Make sure you have backup everything because factory reset will erase everything on internal memory including your apps, apps data, contact, sms… It is optional to clean your content on SD card.

The tutorial below is applicable for all variants of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (International, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T)

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Method 1

1. Goto Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen, press the capacitive Settings button.

2. Inside the Settings page, press on Back Up and Reset under Personal.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list, press Factory Data Reset.

4. Check the Format USB Storage box if you wish to clean the USB storage as well.

5. Press Reset Phone.

6. Your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now fully reset with original factory setting.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – Method 2

1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

2. Press Volume Up + Power + Home button until you see the Galaxy Note 2 text on the screen.

3. You are now in System Recovery Mode.

4. Use the Volume Up and Down to navigate to Wipe Data/factory reset and press Home button.

5. Now your Galaxy Note 2 will reset and reboot.

6. Enjoy your clean Galaxy Note 2.