How To Move Android System Apps To SD Card on Rooted Devices


In the first tutorial, we highlighted how to move android apps to SD card on non-rooted device. And today, we will share to you on how to move the android system apps to SD card. System apps is core applications being installed in your phone, such as Facebook app. It is considerably important apps to you and you need it essentially, thought of android app developers. However, moving system apps to SD is practically possible. How?

Having System apps or any android apps on SD card has ONLY one disadvantage which is widgets will not working. In fact, you won’t see any specific widgets in the list if you have been moving the app and work on SD card. Well, I strongly believe you might sometimes cracking your head wanted to remove those unnecessary widgets from the widget list.

Method below works for both android system apps or any of the installed android app.

How To Move Android System Apps To SD Card on Rooted Devices

1. Download Link 2 SD from Google Play Store.

2. Install the downloaded application and press Open inside the Google Play Store.
3. Link2SD will be launched and approve root access for it.

4. Let’s Link2SD to generate and build the application list.

5. Choose and select the app you wish to move to SD card. [Individual]

6. Now, press Move to SD Card and press OK to confirm.

7. Wait and let’s the transfer completes.

8. If you wish to move multiple or all applications to SD card, on the Link2SD home page, press the capacitve Settings button.

9. Select and choose applications or press Select all that you wish to move to SD card. [Batch]

10. Press Actions -> Move to SD card.

11. Wait and let’s the transfer completes. It takes couple of minutes. 

12. You should now have selected applications worked on your external SD card.

13. Do the same steps if you wanted to move it back to internal storage.


Use the Link2SD filter to filter and sort your installed applications. Your application selection would be more easier.

How To Move Android System Apps To SD Card on Rooted Devices