How To Root and Install ClockWorkMod Recovery On T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2

CWM ClockWorkMod Custom Recovery is one of the typical recovery choice most of the folks will installed besides the TWRP Touch Recovery. We have cover the tutorial on how to root and install TWRP touch recovery on T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but if you prefering on the traditional way with hardware button custom recovery, CWM is the best fit. US carriers has started releasing out variants of Galaxy Note 2, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and it is the time to start the playground with rooting and custom recovery.

The tutorial below is using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit from Xda. The toolkit is very useful and have covered all necessary tools that you need to perform root, Nandroid backup, CWM installation, apk installation and much more. Steps below guides you how to root and install CWM recovery on T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


It’s always risky to root your phone and be warned that a failure may brick your phone. In order to keep your phone safe, please read carefully every single line of the tutorial and follows the steps exactly. We are not responsible for any damage to your device.


The tutorial and guide below is only compatible to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889, Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-T889, AT&T / RogersGalaxy Note 2 SGH-L317M, US Cellular Galaxy Note 2 SCH-R950 . It will not compatible to devices other than listed above.

Check phone model - Goto Settings -> About Device -> Model Number


1. Windows-based PC

2. T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889, Sprint Galaxy Note 2 SPH-T889, AT&T / RogersGalaxy Note 2 SGH-L317M, US Cellular Galaxy Note 2 SCH-R950

3. Enable USB Debugging on your device. How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Device.

4. Backup your personal data on phone to PC to ensure you keep a copy of your personal data (SMS, MMS, Contacts, Internet Settings, Photos and etc). How to Backup Personal Data On Android Device.

5. Make sure your phone is charged to 50% to avoid interruption during flashing. How to Check Battery Level On Android Device.


1. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit (Galaxy_Note2_Toolkit_v2.0.0.exe, 116.41 MB) - Development page


1. Right click on the Galaxy_Note2_Toolkit_v2.0.0.exe, and run as administrator.

2. Press Next (4 times) to continue installation.

3. Press No to skip the toolkit update checking [Check update if you use donate version]

4. Select your phone model build number and press enter. (Check your build in Note 2  Settings -> About device -> Build Number)

5. Select 7 for help if you can’t find your build number.

6. Uninstall Samsung USB Driver (Samsung Kies) if you have installed it in your PC. Skip if you do not have it on PC)

7. Press 1 and any key to continue – USB driver will be installed in your Windows PC.

8. Now, plug in the phone to PC and let Windows to complete USB driver installation.

9. All USB drivers should be installed successfully and ready to use.

10. Press any button to back to toolkit menu.

11. Type 2 and press Enter to Rooting options.

12. Type 3 and press Enter to AllINONE.

13. Type 2 and press Enter to select ClockWorkMod Recovery 6.0.15.

14. Type 2 and press Enter to select SuperSU 0.96 by Chainfire.

15. Type yes to continue with USB debugging mode ON. If no, enable it (How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Device.).

16. Phone will boot to download mode and wait USB driver to be installed to PC.

17. Samsung Odin should appear. Use the default settings with ONLY auto reboot and F.Reset Time enabled.

18. An “Added” message shown at the lower-left message box of Odin user interface.

7. Once your phone is recognized, press PDA button and locate to C:\Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Toolkit\Root\ and select tar file that suit your device build number. [It is obviously easy to recognize which file to select based on the model]

19. Press Open and Press start to flash.

20. Once the flashing is completed, a green “RESET” message will be shown to indicate the flashing is successful.

21. Phone will reboot.

22. Exit Odin.

23. Wait Toolkit to detect the device after reboot.

24. Once detected, toolkit will continue to flash necessary files to device.

25. Your device will reboot and now you have Galaxy Note 2 rooted and with CWM installed.

26. Goto Toolkit menu, type 20 and press Enter to Reboot Phone Options.

27. Type 2 and press Enter to boot your phone to Recovery. You should see CWM Recovery was installed.

28. Download root checker from Google Play to check your root status.

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