How to Setup Tethering or WiFi Hotspot on Sony Xperia Z


It is quite often to own two or more mobile devices including smartphone and tablet. You may not really want to subscribe the data plan for every each of these devices whereby you can actually setup tethering or Wifi hotspot on one of them. By then, the internet access is shared among these devices with only single data plan subscription. You may also consider to purchase cheaper Wifi-only tablet as 3G is not necessary in this case.

If you have not use or even not realize of this feature, you may have a glance on the tutorial below to teach you how to setup tethering or Wifi hotspot on Sony Xperia Z. This tutorial may or may not applied on other model since every smartphone has slightly different in settings configuration layout.

How to Setup Tethering or WiFi Hotspot on Sony Xperia Z

1. Go to Settings. You may access to the Settings through the pull-down menu. Settings button is located at the top right corner.

2. Proceed to More settings tab.


3. Under More, press on Tethering & portable hotspot.


4. Proceed to Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings, press on Configure Wi-Fi hotspot.


5. Enter Network SSID i.e Xperia Z 123, then choose your own password. Once it’s done, press Save.


6. Back to Tethering & portable hotspot menu, turn on Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.


7. Enjoy the internet access on your tablet or smartphone through the portable W-Fi hotspot.