How to Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 With/Without S Pen

Samsung was just announced the good news that 30 million units of Samsung Galaxy S3 have been sold in five month. It indeed an exciting news for Samsung for its successful marketing strategy in promoting its products as well as the great attraction of  Samsung Galaxy itself. It gradually become a trend for consumer to purchase smartphone with larger display but yet too large for your pocket or purse. We believe this is the reason behind the  creation of Galaxy Note 2 today.

 As many of you who get your Galaxy Note 2, you are too exciting with your new phone right now and have no idea where to start. You can always refer to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 user manual which are available in the box or download from Samsung website to start your journey with this 5.5 inches giant smartphone.

We believe taking screenshot will most probably useful to you as if you may want to share the awesome DIY wallpaper with your family or friends. And here we are to show some easy tips to take screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with or without S Pen.

How to Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 With S Pen: 

With the S Pen button pressed (located at the middle of S Pen), touch on the screen until you heard of the “click” sound. A picture icon will be shown on the top left corner. Simply open the drop-down menu, click on the notification and you will be direct to the Gallery–>Screenshots folder where the screenshot is saved.

How to Take Screenshot On Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Without S Pen:

You can always perform a fast screenshot take without using S Pen. Simply sweep your hand across the screen to capture a screenshot on the current phone view. The image will be saved in the Gallery–>Screenshots folder or click on the notification shown in the drop-down menu right after screenshot was taken.

There are more tips and tricks on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that will be revealed. If you do have one, please consider to share with us too.

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