How to Take Screenshot on Sony Xperia Z


Finally we have get ourselves a brand new Sony Xperia Z to conduct some custom rom development as well as to experience the difference of Sony Xperia device from Samsung or HTC products. The setting configuration of Sony Xperia device is quite different from Samsung or HTC as you may not familiar with the basic settings configuration such as quick taskbar to kill apps, pull-down menu to toggle associate account synchronization etc.

As you first hand-on with Sony Xperia Z, you will most probably stunned for few minute as you do not know where to begin. We may having the same experience as yours and that’s why we are going to publish a series of How-To guide for first timer of Xperia smartphone. By then, we hope to assist you on familiarization of all daily-basic settings configuration as well as exploration on exclusive Xperia Z features.

As for today, we are going to show you how to take screenshot on Sony Xperia Z. Some of you may just wonder if this feature will be used in the future and we probably say YES! We believe taking screenshot will most probably useful to you as if you may want to share the awesome DIY wallpaper with your family or friends.

How to Take Screenshot on Sony Xperia Z

  1. Navigate to the page you want to take screenshot.
  2. Press and hold Power Button
  3. A pop-up windows will show up. Select Take Screenshot within the pop-up window.

Or else, we have provided the video to show better illustration.

How to Take Screenshot on Sony Xperia Z

Stay tune to The Android Rom as we have more How-To guide on Sony Xperia Z coming soon.