Install AOKP Jelly Bean 4.1.2 On Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Jelly Bean 4.1.2 has just lately released on Nexus 7 update. Most of the release feature was fixing bugs and the most notable changes was the rotatable home screen on Nexus 7. Very quick, Google has released Android 4.1.2 source code to AOKP/CM10/AOSP. AOKP team is moving quick and have updated their custom ROM to the latest android 4.1.2 for your lovely android devices.

The custom ROM below is cooked by Kang Team Asylum with Jelly Bean build 08 version with latest 4.1.2. The custom ROM is simple and light. it doesn’t come with Touchwiz but with Jelly Bean stock launcher.

Are you interested in flashing a custom rom? We have prepared the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to install AOKP Jelly Bean 4.1.2 on your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.


It’s always risky to root your phone and be warned that a failure may brick your phone. In order to keep your phone safe, please read carefully every single line of the tutorial and follows the steps exactly. We are not responsible for any damage to your device.


The tutorial and guide below is only compatible to Samsung Galaxy Note International version GT-N7000 model. It will not compatible to other devices.


1. Windows-based PC

2. Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000. How To Root and Install ClockWorkMod Recovery For Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

3. Download and install USB drivers on PC. Download Samsung USB Driver for Windows and Samsung Kies.

4. Enable USB Debugging on your device. How to Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android Device.

5. Backup your personal data on phone to PC to ensure you keep a copy of your personal data (SMS, MMS, Contacts, Internet Settings, Photos and etc). How to Backup Personal Data On Android Device.

6. Make sure your phone is charged to 50% to avoid interruption during flashing. How to Check Battery Level On Android Device.


1. Kang Team Asylum AOKP JB Build 08 (, 116MB) - Development page

2. Gapps – Google apps in bundle (, 88.4MB)


1. Connect Galaxy Note to PC with micro USB cable.

2. Copy and paste the downloaded files to your phone SD card. Reminder: Place the downloaded ROM file into SD card root (not in any folder).

3. Turn off your phone and disconnect from USB cable.

4. Boot your phone into CWM Recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up key, Home button and Power button.

6. In Recovery, always perform a full Wipe Data/Factory Reset. (Use Volume key to navigate in Recovery Mode). If you are previously from AOKP ROM, skip this step.

7. Do Wipe Cache Partition – Select from the menu and select Yes to confirm.

8. Go to advanced and do Wipe Dalvik Cache — Select from the menu and select Yes to confirm.

9. From the main menu in Recovery, select the install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from internal sdcard, browse to folder location and select the AOKP custom rom file and click Yes to install.

10. Back to main menu in Recovery, select the install zip from sdcard, then select choose zip from internal sdcard, browse to folder location and select the Gapps zip file and click Yes to install.

11. After the installation completes, go back to recovery’s main menu.

12. Select reboot system now to reboot the phone. The first boot up will take longer time than usual. Please wait patiently.

13. After reboot, Kang Team Asylum AOKP JB Build 08 custom ROM is now successfully installed in your Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000.


1. How can I change DPI settings?
Aroma installer provides you an option during installation to choose your preferred dpi between 320, 240, 213 and 160.
If you have installed with one of these setting and wish to change to other, you can use tool like “ROM toolbox lite or pro” (available on play store)
Non standard dpi settings (other than ones mentioned above) may result in improper functioning of some apps & play store

2. How can I change governor & scheduler?
You will have to use a tool like “Set CPU” (available on play store) to unleash options of governor & scheduler that Asylum kernel offers (alternative: you can change governor from Settings/Performance/Processor/CPU Governor, and I/O scheduler using Rom Toolbox/Kernel Tweaks – Rom Toolbox was already recommended for DPI management -chas)
For more information about governor & scheduler, you may refer here. Please thank the OP if you found it helpful

3. Can I use different themes on Asylum JB?
Of course you can… download any compatible theme of your choice from Play Store
Go in System settings – Themes – Theme chooser, choose downloaded them – Select apply
If you are getting a “Theme error”, apply default system theme and then apply downloaded theme, ignore any error message if it shows. This should work 9/10 times, else contact the theme developer and ask him to customize the theme for this wonderful ROM ☺

4. Do applications like S-Note, S-Memo work on this ROM?
NO. Since this ROM has its roots from CM10 and abovementioned apps are Samsung proprietary apps these apps are not and will never work on Asylum JB probably.
Thanks to varied developers, we have able substitution available for most of these apps, if you care to browse play store ☺

5. I cannot connect the Note to my PC as mass storage (USB). What to do?
Nothing. Mass storage connection has been dumped from JB altogether. Use MTP connection 

6. I cannot set my notification toggles. What do I do?
Change your DPI to 320, set the toggles, then change back to ani DPI you prefer and the 
toggles will be there.

[Development page]