Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom Rom Collection


Samsung Galaxy S4 is the flagship device from Korean Giant, Samsung in year 2013 which is also the first Android device running octa core processor. Besides, Samsung Galaxy S4 is the ancestor of Samsung device to have more variant which is different in processor model- Octa Core Exynos and conventional quad core Qualcomm. Galaxy S4 also available in both 3G (I9500) and LTE (I9505) version which provide more options to the consumer. In the later stage, Samsung started its cooperation with Google to release the Google edition of Galaxy S4 running pure Android OS without carrier’s customized UI.

Nevertheless, some of the Galaxy S4 may just want to experience the pure Android UI on their device just like Google edition S4. It can also be done with the help of third party developers in famous Android development forums, XDA. With the pre-release of Android 4.3 firmware for Galaxy S4, you can also try out the new features in 4.3 Jelly Bean in the first place. All these can be done by flashing customized rom on your Galaxy S4.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S4

Install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Custom Rom List:

  1. [ROM]><I9505 XXUEMJ3><[JB 4.3]><VEGA/Pre-Rooted STOCK ROM’s>
  2. [ROM][JB 4.3-r3.0 JLS36C] ProBAM – jfltexx [Bulid 4]
  3. [ROM][I9505][ZHUDMI1][23Sep] Omega v12 ●►JB 4.2.2◄●GoogleSE 4.3●►Omega Files◄●
  4. [ROM][MI1][27SEP] FoxHound 2.0 | AROMA | Themed | Smooth | Clean | Hybrid
  5. ►►[AOSP]Official 4.3- S4 Google Edition- Finaly v2.0 – Feel the Experience of Nexus◄◄
  6. ►►[AOSP] 4.2.2 – S4 Google Edition – Final-v1 – Feel the Experience of Nexus◄◄
  7. [ROM][03/09][MH1 V1.5] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable
  8. [ROM] [PORT]MIUI for GT-I9505[11/10]
  9. [ROM] Google Edition Galaxy S4 rom 4 i9505[14 Sept][Odexed rom android 4.3 & 4.2.2]

Samsung Galaxy S4 I9500 Custom Rom List:

  1. [ROM][XXUBMH1][29/09] » Arrow ROM v8.0.0 [Fast | Stable | Best Battery Life | Custom Settings | Xposed Modules] 
  2. [ROM][UBUBMH1][11-Sep]CRASH ROM V8.2 | OTA | Stable | Clean | Fast | Xposed Modules
  3. [ROM][I9500][UBUBMH1][21Sep]Omega v14.1●►JB 4.2.2◄●Omega Files●►Fully Modded◄●aroma●►
  4. [ROM][29/08][UBUBMH1 V2.0] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable
  5. [ROM][UBUBMH1][05/09] PhoeniX ROM v8.1 [Super Fast | OTA | Unique | Stable]
  6.  [ROM][UBUBMH1][V3.0.0] NeatROM Full |5 Locksreens| |100+ Customisations
  7. [ROM][I9500-XXUAME1][22 May][V2.2] Doc’s Barebone “Less is More”
  8. [ROM][XWUBMG1][V9][20/9][I9500] THE LEGEND| Fast|Clean|Stable|Better battery life|
  9.  [ROM][23/09] ColorOS for the i9500 [v1.0.0]